Getting Started

So You’re Thinking About Therapy…

Once you call or e-mail our office (Sanctuary Psychological Services), our office staff will ask you a few general questions (demographic information, how you heard about us, if you prefer in-person or online counseling, and what your availability is) to set up an initial appointment. Then you will receive some paperwork to read through and sign. You’ll need to fill this out and have it ready to go for your first session.

During your first session, we’ll walk through your intake paperwork together and go over your signed releases. This session will be a lot more of me talking than a normal session so that I can lay the groundwork for you about how I might be able to help, as well as answer any questions about therapy in general. I will also ask you questions in order to get a full understanding of your needs and how I can help. Every session after will be 55 minutes, and I recommend in the beginning we meet once a week for the first few weeks (at least) to keep up the momentum we see in session. Payment is collected at the end of session via credit card, or you can sign a credit card authorization where we will charge your card automatically for your sessions.

I will work with you to figure out what you’d like to work on first and how to take steps toward change. Sometimes this will feel like sifting through rubble to find a path forward, and other times the right way  to go will feel very clear! My clients sometimes have a dream of what their lives could be like, but that dream feels like a mountaintop very far away. My job is to walk with you toward that dream; sometimes leading the way, sometimes following you, sometimes right beside you. Will therapy be difficult? Yes. It will also feel energizing, productive, and even fun. It’s not uncommon to hear loud laughter coming from my office.

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